Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragnet (1966)

I reviewed season two here, and in that set was the original movie they made to sell the tv series.

it was made in 1966 but not released until 1969.  it runs about 90 minutes and Bill and Joe are after a serial killer (played by Vic Perrin) preying on young women. 

candy bars were six cents back then. and they were frikkin' huge.

anyway,  it's an interesting movie, with a few plot twists here and there, and some side plots.  Bill is retiring, as he can't pass his physical, and this is his last case.  or so they would have us believe. 

Joe does some good work here, as does Bill.  they solve a few extra crimes on the side, by accident almost, but they do have to fill out 90 minutes.

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