Saturday, July 9, 2011

Power Rangers 1-60

well, Netflix has a ton of seasons of PR (at least 18- how did that happen?) of Power Rangers to watch online now.  I haven't seen any of the originals since they were aired way back in '93.

I enjoyed it somewhat then, mostly because of the Zyuranger content, but watching it now, it's not a bad little show.  sure, there's some cringeworthy humor here and there (usually the way Bulk is humiliated, and really, who would have put up with two morons like that in any high school?) but for the most part it serves it's purpose.

speaking of Bulk and Skull, they get the best lines and really work well together.  I'd never noticed how funny they actually were, much better actors than our heroes.

still, it may be a while before I can get through the first 60 episodes.  I see that in "season 18" they did a "special edition" of the original series, actually adding effects and captions.  did they think kids got dumber in that amount of time?  I watched the first episode and wasn't impressed. 

I would like to see more of Zyuranger now.

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Professor Fester's School Of Festology said...

the 19th season is well under way,POWER RANGERS SAMURAI, but i've yet to see any episodes.Being as it's based on SHINKENGER, i'm hoping it won't be all that bad a viewing when i finally sit down and take in a few hours of it.