Saturday, August 27, 2011

12. Cries of the Mummy

 another of my least favorite episodes, though it has grown on me a bit, due to the sheer mystery of the story.  a mummy is found and it looks like nothing that has ever been found before, and it's in pretty good shape.

it's a weird looking thing, pretty creepy overall.  perhaps it's a gargoyle...
 unfortunately it comes back to life, and has some devastating eye rays that injure humans.  the mummy is quickly stopped though, by the Science Patrol.    the scientists want to study it to see what kept it so well preserved.
however. once the mummy is disposed of Dodango shows up and causes much destruction with it's eye rays.

it's an interesting design, the first two man suit in the series.  one feels sorry for this beast, since it has it's eyes shot out and really didn't know what was going on.  the beast just woke up and got killed immediately. Dodongo appeard much like a Qilin, which I had never known went by that name.

Hayata gets injured in the VTOL, and it looks like Ultraman has a similar problem with his arm.  maybe it's just me.

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