Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5. Secret of the Miroganda

several strange murders have occurred in the city and the police are baffled.  they bring in the Science Patrol to help them solve the mystery.

they find out the dead people were part of an expedition that brought a strange flower back from an island.  it was subjected to radiation  and is now mobile and after those aforementioned people.

this is one of the three episodes I saw as a kid, in February of 1979.  I didn't think much of the episode then, but I really like it a lot now.  plant monsters are so unusual it makes a cool change of place.  Greenmons (such a name, right?) has a poison mist that can slow Ultraman down. 

the episode itself is fun, as it's kind of a mystery, at least to the patrol.  the humor is there as they don't quite believe a plant can be mobile enough to kill people.

unfortunately the design is a little weak, it looks like a green mitten. overall one of the better first ten episodes.

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