Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battle of the Superheroes!

this final seasons of The Brave and the Bold (so sad) has been the best yet.

here we have King Tut, er, I mean, The Pharoah (since apparently DC doesn't own King Tut) taking on our heroes.
oh, there's a reason they look like this.  I'm just not going to tell you, though it would have fit right in with the 60s tv show as well.  after the teaser, Batman drops by Metropolis to join his best pal, Superman.
 here they stop Luthor with his latest scheme, and even Lois Lane helps out somewhat.  however, Lex has a little RED K surprise for  the two dunderheads, Lois and Jimmy, and they fall for it easily.  the Red K turns Superman evil (and he gets the best slam in on Lois ever) leaving it to Batman to help return him to his senses.
Batman wears his Dark Knight armor... sort of, but also has great super help, in the form of Krypto.  here they have a conversation which is just awesome.  man I love Krypto.
Batman keeps Superman busy until the Red K wears off- the 24 time period. good thing, as look who shows up!  our heroes spring into action!
this is a great episode, and reads so much like a "World's Finest" story from the 60s.  one more reason I love this show.

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