Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

yes, that's my issue as well!

anyway, today marks what would have been Jack Kirby's 94th birthday.  there's nothing I can really say about the man that hasn't been said before and better, so here's a cover he did in the fall of '76.

any guesses as to why I chose it?


joecab said...

I know you like obscurity ... you're a Red Wolf fan?

Xenorama said...

I like the concept of Red Wolf a lot, and the mysticism is played up well in this little mini-series with Tigra. I am sure he's been ruined in these days along with all the other characters, obscure or not. LOL

C. Elam said...

There is the little matter of your arm giving a hint -- if you've posted a pic of it here. ;)

Xenorama said...

I don't think I have, actually. wiseguy!