Wednesday, August 10, 2011


this is amazing.  haven't seen them in years.  used to see them on the International Film Festival in the summer, and loved him the most.  here's the info from youtube:

"Three one-minute shorts featuring Maxicat by Zlatko Grigic of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Most of the 24 shorts were featured in the 1977 PBS show 'International Animation Festival' hosted by Jean Marsh. I think most of these cartoons are lost now, but here are three that survived."

all I know was he was my favorite.  been looking for these cartoons to show up on youtube for some time.  the theme song is great. 


LaughingOtter said...

Now there are eight of them! Still looking around for the others.

David McRobie said...

OK that's really cool. I wonder how many of them there were made?

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Technically all the episodes of MaxiCat are with Zagreb Film. I'm sure they still have them all in their collection.

Another creation of Zlakto Grgic that might be famliar to some that I enjoy dearly was "Professor Balthazar", involving the inventive machinations of a man who solves people's problems with his inventions to solve their needs. The first of these produced was titled "The Inventor of Shoes", featuring the character with a different beard color from the normal white one he would get as the series began after it's pilot.

In the 1970's Grgic would emigrate to Canada had taught animation at Sheridan College. One noted film he made for the National Film Board of Canada was on fire safety told in a cautious tale of mankind's reliance of fire through electricity.