Sunday, August 14, 2011

Teen Titans (60s)

this is from the original Teen Titans cartoon, back when there was a Wonder Girl. the Titans then didn't have much of a Rogue's gallery of villains, so Filmation did do a pretty good job with the three episodes they made. nothing original, really, but action packed and fun. and full of cornball kid dialog that adults tried so hard to get down. the comics were the same way at the time.


C. Elam said...

I'm pretty sure it was those silly licensing concerns that kept Wonder Girl out of the more recent cartoon on an official basis.

"Official" basis? Well, yes. Behold this page. Oh, and she also appeared in the comic based on the show at least once.

Xenorama said...

wouldn't surprise me if they were worried about the same issue of ownership like Superboy. that was an interesting read, thanks.

C. Elam said...

I should have paid closer attention to my links - I linked you to the frame for animated subsite of the Titans fansite.

What I meant to link you was this Wonder Girl profile, which indicates she appears (albeit unheralded) in small cameos. I think it was just conflicting licensing rather than the Superboy thing, since the Wonder Woman rights are not really up for debate.

Xenorama said...

oh! well, that's pretty cool too, even if they think Donna and Speedy were actual founding members (Donna was in the second story, right? I know Speedy happened a long a while later).

wonder if Mr. Jupiter funded the Tower in the new cartoon.

C. Elam said...

Well, the way the Teen Titans came about leaves such things open to interpretation. The Robin/Kid Flash/Aqualad story happened first, but it wasn't really an "official" TT story. Wonder Girl debuted in the first true Titans story, which followed it.

Now, to either clarify or further obscure the question, there was a Teen Titans origin in the last issue of the original series (#53) in 1978. It takes place after the Robin/Kid Flash/Aqualad story, and tells how the Titans formed to battle a Justice League possessed by a villain called the Antithesis. Wonder Girl and Speedy helped found the team, but Speedy elected to not join at first. It's not a bad little story, though it has not been reprinted to date.

Xenorama said...

oh yeah, I actually bought that issue when it came out, after the whole Titans East/West storyline. didn't recognize so many new heroes, like the Joker's daughter, or Flamebird... but it was cool to see all of them.

I had forgotten that story. good ol' retcons!