Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

wrapping up my Teen Titans viewing is this movie.  the Titans go to Japan after being attacked by Saico-Tek (looking a lot like Kamen Rider W, actually) and finding a bit of a mystery when they get there.

it's fun, but nothing that couldn't have been done in the tv series itself.  the notable thing is Robin and Starfire admitting they like each other. 

I know the creators of the show wanted to make him different than Batman, but danged if they didn't actually make him seem more like Batman with his whole stance on romance.  interestingly enough, Starfire is the physical powerhouse of the team, bringing a little Wonder Woman like strength to the show.  and shades of Bruce and Diana...

it's a good little movie.  it makes sense they take it to Japan, since it tries so hard to look like a Japanese cartoon in the first place.

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