Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zorro (1975)

I have mentioned this movie several times, mostly looking for a complete version, which doesn't appear to be available on DVD in the US.  I know it had a least a quasi-legal VHS version released, as I rented it several years ago.  it had scenes I had never seen before.

I saw it for the first time in 77 or so, I'd think, as a movie of the week.  it was great then, and yet was obviously edited for time then, as the movie runs 124 minutes in total.  however, in syndication there were several different edits that made the rounds, and several of these then later on made it to DVD.

many DVDs run from 87 to 90 minutes. I finally tracked down a Danish copy, dubbed in English and complete.  it runs a bit shorter than two hours, due to the PAL conversion of the movie, but that's acceptable.

having watched the whole thing again, it is a little too long.  usually it's what I call "the ninja scene" that's been cut and it is no great loss. I would take out about 15 minutes total, and it wouldn't hurt the movie at all.

Wiki says it wasn't released in the US in a full version, but that's just not right.  anyone surprised?

still my favorite Zorro.

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