Thursday, September 1, 2011

14. We Still Drive Safely

sentai + cars = lame.

having said that this was a pretty funny episode, and it seems even Toei admitted my formula is correct.

anyway, Insaan sees the guy who was CarRed (or whatever) and is immediately smitten by him.  she sends her would be lover, Jealous to kidnap him.  Jealous is then, well, jealous and things go awry from there

basically a complete comedy episode.  the Pirates don't even want the super car power from CarRed.

Jealous gets beat up a lot, and the Pirates don't even know why Jealous has appeared.  CarRed is now an actor, since he lost his powers in the Great War.

after they figure out Jealous loves Insaan, he shows the beast man how to woo his woman.  even in the large size it works.  when the team changes forms again to battle the creature, they become TurboRanger first, and can't believe there's an actual difference.

neither can I.  like I said, it seems like Toei was admitting the entire concept of cars was lame.  which it is.

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C. Elam said...

I see no one showed up to tell you it was "Red Racer"! :) (not as if anyone should care!)

Interestingly, this has echoes of a recurring subplot in Carranger itself.