Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Ain't NASA-Sarily So"

 since I watched some episodes of "The Original Ghostbusters" I thought I would watch some of the competition, the DIC produced "Real Ghostbusters".  this is one I did watch, though hearing Garfield's voice come out of Peter Venkman was kind of weird at the t ime.
this is my favorite episode, though.  there are ghosts in space!  the boys are summed up to the space station Galileo.  the crew is oddly familiar to them, and to any watcher over the age of 18, I would think.  the writers made sure the point was hammered home more than once, in case no one was getting it.
this show has better animation than the Filmation show.  here's a that's the Russian "Keptain" up there and here's the rest of the crew.  they are missing a science officer, but Egon (voiced by the awesome Maurice LaMarche) fills in admirably though.
I watched a couple more episodes and it's a good series, but not great.  this "homage" was done long before it was popular to do such things, even before Star Warners (which I thought was first for a while, before I remembered this one).  just wish they hadn't been so over the top in making sure we knew what they were doing.

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