Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Billie (1965)

sure, it's a corny movie, and Patty Duke looks a bit like a dip when she's running to "the beat", but it's also a pretty decent little movie.

despite it also being a musical, with some of the schmaltziest songs ever.

on the plus side, there's a lot of truly funny lines, and the tomboy has a very supportive family when she joins the boys track team.  heck, even the coach is on her side from the get go, and most of the boys are as well.

I saw this in the 70s, well after the E.R.A was started, so the movie was a bit ahead of it's time.  it seemed to last a lot longer than it's the 90 running time though, and I don't actually remember the ending of the movie.  it's odd, since it was shown on a kiddie matinee and I wouldn't have left the theater early, as far as I know.

Jim Backus is also a wonderful presence in the movie, being a good father despite being befuddled somewhat by the women in his life.

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