Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DC-22 the Flash

this was my real introduction to the Flash, Kid Flash, Johnny Quick and the Elongated Man.

oh sure, I had seen them all before thanks to the Teen Titans and the JLA, but this was probably the first time I had read stories dedicated to them.  maybe, it was a long time ago in December of 1973. 

I know for sure it was the first time I had read an Earth 2 Jay Garrick Flash story, and was surprised to find the Three Stooges moonlighting in his book. wait, those are the Three Dimwits- Winky, Blinky, and Noddy (and what an awful thing to do to these guys, really) ... this Flash gets an entire four part story featured, called "Campaign Against the Flash".  I didn't think much of it at the time, but I love the fact that his girlfriend Joan new his identity.

Kid Flash gets his costumed changed to the more familiar yellow and red one in the first story, which later on becomes one of the stupidest retcons ever. it's what happens when you look for "The Secret of the Three Super Weapons".

Johnny Quick battles "The Slowpoke Crimes".  I had met Johnny once before, and still didn't know his origin.  they did manage to make him a bit different than the Flashes, which was a good thing.

now, the Elongated Man appears in two stories, one solo and one with the Barry.  he has two different costumes in the stories. both are fun though.  needless to say I hate what they have done to Ralph and Sue in the recent stories.  I also much prefer Ralph over the lamer Plastic Man.

I mysteriously lost my original copy of this one soon after I bought it, which was a bummer.  bought this one at the good ol' San Diego Comic Con.

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