Friday, September 23, 2011


this is an anthology from 1990 that I picked up in a used bookstore that December.  it features 14 stories from luminaries such as L. Sprague De Camp. Arthur C. Clarke and Brian W. Aldiss.

and they are all about dinosaurs.  well, mostly.  sometimes the stories only peripherally feature prehistoric animals, such as "Strata" by Edward Bryant, set in Wyoming which features ghosts of both the distant past and the more recent past.

there are dramatic stories, humorous stories and some adventure stories.  I think my favorites are "Green Brother" by Howard Waldrop- told by a Lakota medicine man about what happened when "Red Cloud was fighting the Yellow Legs" and ""The Last Thunder Horse West of the Mississippi" by Sharon N. Farber, which features real life rivals Marsh and Cope. 

it's funny and sad all at once.  there are several of these anthologies out there, usually pretty cheap.  well worth hunting them down.

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