Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Spock!

in the Get Smart episode "Dear Diary" KAOS is after a retired spy's old diary of cases.  this is the spy Max patterned his secret agent career after, as we witness in the episode.

KAOS sends a suave assassin to kill some of CONTROL's informants.  this guy is pretty discreet, and hides his emotion quite well.  he's a crack shot, with the old gun in a briefcase gag.

I wasn't quite sure who this killer was at first, since he's wearing cool shades to protect his identity, but once he speaks it's apparent to all just who it is behind those Foster Grants.

this was a year before Leonard Nimoy donned some pointy ears and it's fun to see him as a regular (sorta) human being, though he really doesn't have much to do but shoot people.

the DVDs for the first season all have Barbara Feldon doing introductions and those are fun.

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