Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gog (1954)

this is a fun, if not very exciting sci-fi adventure, with the emphasis on science and not fiction.  the movie spends half of it's 82 minute running time (at least) before introducing the titlular Gog to the audience, and then it's a lot of science stuff.

in fact, one could show the first 40 minutes to a science class and the kids would be smarter.  or asleep.

the main plot revolves around a series of murders and attempted murders in a secret base in New Mexico.  the OSI (an Ivan Tors agency from two previous films) sends Dr. David Sheppard (Richard Egan) in to investigate.

turns out there's no secret agent or anything, just an enemy aircraft piping signals into NOVAC (Nuclear Operative Variable Automatic Computer) who sends Gog and Magog out to do their dirty work.

it's not a bad movie, but there's nothing really remarkable about it, other than Tors decision to ground it in "hard science", which is cool.

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