Wednesday, September 7, 2011

JLA: The Enemy Below

the Avenging Son of Atlantis, Namor, decides the surface dwellers have infringed upon his kingdom for too long.  oh wait, this is Arthur of Atlantis.  one of the few flaws of the DCU has been this recasting of Aquaman as Namor.  at least the Brave and the Bold has changed that up (by recasting him as Hercules).
this is Atlantis.  I think it has an atmosphere like the surface world, but that never made sense to me in the comics either, if they all could breath water.  perhaps they just wanted to do things without being wet all the time?
 the villain of the piece is Orm, Aquaman's half brother (known to many of us as The Ocean Master).  he of course wants to rule Atlantis and of course, Aquaman doesn't see his treason until it's almost too late.
Orm hires Deadshot to kill Aquaman, which leads to one of the best Batman bits in the show.  he misses several times. spoilers:

we see how Aquaman loses his hand (another of DC's rather dumb ideas, especially replacing it with a three foot trident.  well, it changes size on a regular basis. 

it's not one of my favorite episodes.  it seems like it's just a way to introduce Aquaman to the cartoon, though they did that already in Superman: The Animated Series, though in the more classic form.  and he was nicer there, too!


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