Monday, September 5, 2011

Southern Knights #8

"The Death of a Dragon"

our heroes are interviewed by a local reporter.  she wants to seem them at their most human, which is essentially a pool party in early autumn.

she gets the origin stories from everyone but Aramis, since he isn't actually a Knight yet.

it's a good introduction to the Knights, and we get some background on how David met Peggy, why Kristin is so strong, why Connie is so shy (sorta) and what happened to Dragon's family (the cover is a big hint).

this sets all sorts of things into motion, some of which will be explored in about 8 issues or so.  makes me wonder if that's what they had planned.


C. Elam said...

My memory is that this issue was designed to be a "jumping on" point, as it was the first to be published by Comics Interview (I think they did business as something called "Fictioneer Books). Some of the earlier issues may have been subsequently reprinted under the Comics Interview banner, but this was the first new issue. There were preview pages from it in an issue of Comics Interview (I believe it's #16).

Xenorama said...

yes, it's the first Comics Interview book, which they talk about in the preface for the reprint I have. I wonder what the book would be like now if it had kept going.