Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I wish I had seen this show growing up, as I am sure I would love it more now.  not that it would have aired in Colorado (see previous lamentations about Japanese genre shows) but perhaps I could have seen it in WV or somewhere else.

unfortunately, Spectreman had such a limited release I only ever heard about it in 1988 or so, when looking through a video store catalog, which had 12 volumes of the show.  which seemed pretty cool, but when I tried to order one, it was never delivered.  which looking back on it should have been no surprise to anyone, but at least they tried.

I also tried to order one in a SunCoast as well, but again was met with failure. 

the show is fun, but I don't have the attachment to it that I do with Ultraman or even Johnny Sokko.  I'd still probably buy a legit release of it if it ever happened.

I'm not gonna hold my breath...

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