Thursday, September 1, 2011


 I got this movie/musical/stage play a while ago, and have yet been able to sit down and actually watch it.  I am not sure why.

back in the day, it was supposed to be aired one late Saturday night, probably on Feb 1, 1975 (since that's when it happened and all- need I add I looked it up?).

well, good ol' ABC Channel 9 in Colorado decided not to air it at all back then.  so instead of seeing it when I wasn't even 10 yet, and much more impressionable, I have had to wait til now, when I am far more critical about such things.
I will add that I was pretty upset it wasn't on back then.  the amount of superhero movies was miniscule at the time, and anything even remotely related was important.

but seeing these images, I'm not so sure.  I hope I can get through it and post an actual review of the darn thing sometime in the near future.

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