Thursday, September 29, 2011

terrible lizards!

remember when dinosaurs actually were terrible lizards?

here's the man eater (and cow eater and anything else it wants to eater) from "The Beast of Hollow Mountain".  it ate every living thing it could, not bothering to consider if it was hungry or not.

now that's a monster!  these days, dinosaurs are merely animals, with plenty of feathers that make them look like large chickens with teeth.  I know it's probably more scientifically accurate, but it's really a way to make them quite boring.

how about this critter?  a young allosaurus, who had already killed at least one of the Shell Tribe- more than a meal, immediately went after a young girl in a tree!

I mean, she wouldn't even be more than a bite for him, look at the size difference there.  now why would he even bother with a morsel that size unless he was really malevolent.

boy I miss these dinosaurs!   add to that the different ways the looked, usually due to the artist designing them, and you get some really neat creatures.
this is just a cool shot of Crankysaurus Rex, possibly the last movie dinosaur to have an actual personality.

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