Thursday, October 6, 2011

BLB 22- Moon Mission (Major Matt Mason)

Major Matt Mason's rescue mission becomes a horrifying nightmare."

this is the copy on the back of the book.  it fails to mention the giant moon rabbits, though.  probably to save them for a surprise.

this is the book that made me want a Major Matt Mason figure in the worst way.  I had seen them at various friends' houses, but never owned one of my own.  lots of characters in here, as well as several of the vehicles including the Cat Trac and the Space Crawler, all of which could be purchased to play with as well.

no sign of any aliens from the series- Callisto, Lazer, Scorpio or Or, which would have made for a more exciting story. spoilers!

the "villains" of the book are some strange alien force that lives in brain cells.  they get transferred to the brains of one of the rabbits and then it's all over.  nice artwork though, and it's a sentimental favorite of mine.  no credits in here for art or story.

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