Friday, October 21, 2011

First Class pt 2

the rest of the movie deals with Sebastian Shaw trying to start WW III via the Cuban Missile Crisis.  there's a pretty satisfactory battle on the beach of some small island between the good guys and the bad guys. Hank pretty much clobbers Azazel in the fight scene here.

Charles gets shot by a bullet fired from Moira MacTaggert's gun, but Magneto turned it aside.  being a weak person overall, he can't accept it was his responsibility.
Maggie tells the heroes to join him in his Brotherhood of (evil) Mutants.  only one of them does, can you guess which one?  and by the way, changing Havoc's energy power to look like red hot frisbees?  lame.  concentric energy circles are way way way cooler.  but I suppose, not realistic enough.
these are the villains, who of course join him.  apparently in comics that's Nightcrawler's father.  I think I liked it better when his past was as mysterious as that guy with the claws.
it's a pretty cool costume, overall.  the helmet was made to stop a telepath, so it makes a little sense that Magneto is wearing it.
of course he has no real peripheral vision, but that doesn't matter!  nice coloring on it.  one of the things I miss about a lot of modern superhero movies is actual hand to hand fighting.  since the advent of CG, it seems like you HAVE to use it and give everyone powers to use at all times.  there should be some limit on these powers, like they have to recharge at some point.  
the end credits look pretty cool.  I was surprised that there was no extra scene at the end of the movie, seems like that's de rigueur these days.  I also will say an X-Men movie without Cyclops seems really weird to me.  Alex pretty much took his place here, which makes no sense to me.  really liked Hank though.

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