Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gamera vs Monster X (1970)

this is probably the best Gamera movie, with no monster stock footage at all.  we get an opening montage of previous fights, but that doesn't have any effect on the movie.  this is the first Gamera movie since the original to actually bear his name again, at least in the US AIP-TV version. 
early on we are introduced to Expo 70 and then the name "Wester Island" comes up, and all the stone statues dotting the small islands in the pacific ocean.  here's the speculation as to where they came from...

here's the statue that starts our tale off- a nice slide show along with the most interesting acting from the native of Wester Island.  he was a staple of Japanese productions, but I can't seem to locate his name.
a nice process shot here, of the scientists firing rifles at Gamera.  do they not have any idea how well that will work?  it seems like adults never remember who Gamera is from movie to movie, but the kids always know.
a nice island set up here, with Gamera squaring off against Jiger, the first female monster he fights in a movie.
the fantastic voyage to save Gamera is a neat touch, though having two mini-subs in two consecutive movies is an interesting choice.  but what kid wouldn't want to ride in one of these? there used to be ads in comic books for a two man mini-sub.  I had a friend who wanted one but I wouldn't let him cut up my comic book to get the ad.
Jiger gets offed in possibly the most gruesome way any giant monster could have- and all in brilliant color! of course, earlier in the movie we are treated to the elephant scene, but that's REAL and even grosser.
Jiger has a lot of powers- limited flight, saliva spears, suction powers and this, whatever you would call it.

it's a really fun movie though, and I'm glad I got to see it at the right age.


C. Elam said...

Chico Roland (possibly "Chico Rolando") is his name. Other than this movie, he's probably best remembered for being on the wrong side of Sonny Chiba in THE STREET FIGHTER. Interestingly, the Japanese trailer has footage shot exclusively for it, including his most hilarious flip-out of all.

Xenorama said...

thanks, I was hoping you would be by to fill in his name. I think he was also in a couple super shows, like Rainbow Man.