Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gatchaman #4- Revenge on the Iron Beast Mechadegon

Galactor sends a new robot in the shape of a giant centipede to start taking the Earth's interior treasures and fuels.  this means oil and coal, I think.  no one uses the word "Oriental" anymore, Ken.  it's now "Eastern" (since that's what it means anyway).
 here's his "henshin".  definitely one of the cooler ones around, even to this day.
Gatchaman have secret IDs.

Naomi, the daughter of the professor Ken visited accuses Ken of being with Galactor.  she is being unreasonable so this is how he handles it.  Nambu tells Ken ninja have to be heartless in who and what they deal with, and the girl is not to know he and the others are on the team.
we get a new Galactor boss here, but he doesn't last long.  where do you suppose all those henchmen come from?
the centipede can burrow and drain oil from tankers as well.  it moves pretty quickly if it can keep up with Ken's plane.
Ken has Naomi (yes, he's disobeyed orders) fire the bird missile to destroy Mechadegon.  it works, they all go to her father's grave and Nambu forgives Ken.  Naomi promises not to reveal their secret.

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