Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tiga 3. Prophecy of Evil

"there is no Dana, only Zuul..."
 this is the cool GUTS base rising from the ocean.  love the waves, a nice touch for what looks to be a real miniature.  it probably has a name, but I don't recall it at the moment. the talk show host was possessed by the Kilie who let everyone know that the days of humans on Earth are now numbered.

 they deride Tiga as a defender, but you know what that means.  anyone know what this power is called?
here we have a nice miniature ship, which looks really cool in the generic city backdrop.  due to the show being shot on video the cg effects are very obvious.  one has to remember the series is 15 years old now, so it's OK.
here's the evil alien invader, grown to fight Tiga.  not a bad design at all, and the humanoid ones allow for more hand to hand fighting.
a nice shot of the alien (in human form) yelling at Tiga. enjoyable episode.

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