Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tiga 4: Sayonara, Planet Earth

this is an episode very similar to the original Ultraman episode #23 "My Home is Earth" with Jamila.
the monster Ligatron shows up on Earth and immediately goes on a rampage.  it's a tough beast, that's for sure.  the miniatures here look so cool. in this day of all cg cityscapes and machines, it's refreshing to see actual hand crafted things.

this monster is never named, at least not in the subtitles.  it's made up of an energy force that took over some astronauts headed for Jupiter.
this is the spaceship the Jupiter 3.  while it's not quite as cool as Jupiter 2,  but it's not bad.  that's the energy force headed for the ship now.
an energy barrier, a really cool effect

Daigo transforms to Tiga.  he does what is almost a "henshin" pose while doing so.  he's not the first Ultraman to do that, but it still seems a bit weird to see.
flying kick doesn't do much to Ligatron.  but then this is before Tiga powers up to red form.
 which doesn't do much except slow the monster down.  in fact, this beast is more powerful than Tiga and the GUTS.

the GUTS teams finally figures out how to stop the monster, by reaching the people inside of it.  this slows it down and weakens it long enough for Tiga to use his killing shot on it.

good action packed episode with just the right amount of pathos.

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