Monday, October 3, 2011

Ultraman 13: Operation Pearl Oyster

this is not a boring episode, as it's directed by Akio Jissoji, but there's not a lot that happens in it at all.  Fuji loves pearls, but the prices have gone through the roof.  turns out Kamakujira is eating them, and then the laws of supply and demand take over.
 this creature is pretty silly looking.  here's a nice shot of Fuji looking at it, probably a forced perspective. very cool.
 the poor thing gets treated shamefully for just doing what it does naturally- yes, that's a rocket enema it's receiving.
there's no Ultra fight in this one, Ultraman just lowers his head and runs smack into the beast, the end.  but luckily for Fuji, pearls are plentiful again!

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