Friday, October 21, 2011

Ultraman # 16: The Science Patrol to Outer Space

the "deadly" Baltan seijin return, with new powers (or at least heretofore unseen powers). they still seek the Earth as their home, and this time take over a scientist when he launches his new ship to Venus. this happened to be the first episode I ever saw the Baltan, and I think it's a better episode than their first appearance!

the Baltan have always seemed like pests more than actual menaces to me.  the shredding Halo takes care of this one easily.
this force screen stops the Spacium Beam, but Ultraman uses eyeball rays to destroy it.  the hand to claw battles are also more exciting.  the claws preclude any real use strikes, and it shows.  maybe if they were a bit smaller...
there is also a scene where Ultraman teleports himself back to Earth from Planet R.  that's cool as well.

this is a pretty atmospheric scene as well.  a very good episode.

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