Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Vile and The Villainous

the Joker takes over the show, but no fourth wall is broken.  they save that for Bat-mite alone, apparently.  a good thing.

yes, that's the unnamed Bulletman, the Weeper's original foe. he's voiced by comedic legend Tim Conway. he teams up with the Joker to stop Batman from using the Bat-Probe, which will detect evil doers all over Gotham.  it seems very "Big Brother-y" to me, but then, Batman in this episode seems quite violent and unreasonable.  is it the current version animated now?
though he's flanked by two very familiar faces, how can that be? does O'Hara even exist in the DCU at all any more?
 now this could be a scene right out of Justice League of America #135-137 where the Earth 2 Joker teamed up with the Earth-S Weeper (2, his son) to... ah heck, that even gets confusing to me, and I usually can keep all the extraneous Earths straight.
anyway,  our villains do destroy the Bat-Probe (wow, that's some name) and then get their comeuppance from Batman.  again, in a particularly brutal way.  or perhaps it's just me.  all that's missing in this episode is a naked Batman (that's to see if I can get the amount of hits that a certain Owari site does! hi Chris!).

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