Friday, October 21, 2011

X-Men: First Class (part one)

so far, I like it.  the mansion looks like it should, I think.  I like that they have actually set it in the 60s (after the beginning to show them as kids, of course).  it's established as the Xavier mansion right away, and Charles has his powers and likes them.

he meets Raven Darkholme (just called Raven here) who is hungry.  most of the time she spends in her human form, so they don't have to apply makeup to her all the time.  she's very likable, and has a crush on Charles right away.  this later gets supplanted by one Hank McCoy, who would later be blue himself.  but not yet.

of course, what they do with his feet is disturbing.  they look like hands and not just large feet. eww.
 cool logo for the movie.  too bad it's so dark.  at least they aren't so worried about "realism" in this one.  sort of.
here we see Emma Frost, the White Queen.  she is also given the power to turn herself into a living diamond, but can't use her telepathy in that form.  that seems kind of overloading the woman, but then with her boss Sebastian Shaw is also incredibly powerful.  and we all know how I feel about there being too much power in one person.  where's the suspense?
here's most of the first class whoopin' it up.  Banshee, Havoc, "Darwin", the Beast, Mystique and Angel.  not quite the first class I know and love, but not awful.  Charles yells at them for acting like teens, or something.  seeing him and Eric pal around is kind of cool, and when they run into Batman, er, Logan, that's a cute little touch.

apparently fans are bending themselves into knots trying to get it to fit into the first three movies continuity.  that makes me laugh.

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