Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zorro and the Scarlet Whip Revealed (2007)

as someone who has watched many many many different versions of Zorro, I had to check this cartoon movie out.  it's made from four episodes of Zorro: Generation Z, which has never been aired in the US.

it's the grandson of Diego de La Vega assuming the role of Zorro in 2015.  so we get a motorcycle called Toronado instead of a horse and he gets a hot female partner as well as loyal Bernardo.

it's not horrible.  the main downfall is the more limited animation style used.  it's closer to the 80s animation than what one might expect from a newer cartoon.  the acting isn't bad, and there's a nice chemistry between our heroes.

more Zorro cartoons to be reviewed in the future.

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