Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Avengers: The Ultron Imperitive

Ultron 6 has now taken over the various computers systems of the world.  he wants the SHIELD codes so he can launch nuclear warheads to eradicate all human life on Earth.  I am not sure if this was done in the comics or not, but I am pretty sure Ultron will return no matter what happens.  especially since the Vision is rumored to be showing up in the next season...

the Avengers believe Ultron has killed Thor.  the Hulk is a bit put off because he is "not Thor" and can't lift his hammer.  I like that they have kept the "worthy" part of Mjollner's magic, though it's also supposed to be so heavy only Thor could lift it.  I mean, if Superman couldn't lift it, there can't be many more people more worthy than than, right?  the writing on the hammer here is an excellent touch, I must say.  very cool.
but Thor isn't dead!  Amora, the Enchantress has saved him to be her lover.  of course, making someone love you via magic isn't a very good idea, and it backfires on her.  Thor regains his proper memory and she returns him to Earth "to die!"  Thor doesn't think this means Ultron, either...
I really thought this was Arsenal at first, but apparently it's some super armor of Iron Man's.  now, I know they make a big deal of Batman learning how to defeat his friends, but I would want someone I trust knowing how to stop me in case something like this happened.  it's just common sense.
Ultron turns the Hulk back into Bruce Banner.  neat trick!  wonder if this will continue next episode?
the Wasp and the acting director of SHIELD (who needs a boot to the head) are pretty helpless as Ultron prepares to launch the warheads.
Jan is happy Hank saved the day, and by using science.  a good episode.

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