Monday, November 7, 2011

Dark Shadows (40 episodes in)

I have watched the entire run of Dark Shadows, when it first aired on Sci-fi.  they even aired the first part before the ghosts and stuff became prevalent.  who knew the channel would turn to crap like it has?  I watched it about 15 years ago.

the collection on Netflix starts when Willie Loomis unknowingly releases Barnabas Collins from his grave.

these episodes are all in black and white, and are very moody and atmospheric.  the theme song itself is super spooky!

anyway, you can tell the writers had no idea how popular Barnabas would be in those early shows (this is only 8 weeks of the soap).  they still use the traditional trappings of soaps- blackmail, doomed romance, successful romance, but added all the cool monsters and stuff.  it's also a lot of fun to listen to Barnabas' lines, knowing what he is and the double meaning behind many of them.  wonder how many episodes they will show?

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