Sunday, November 27, 2011

War of the Monsters Week

this is not quite a Godzilla week, but it's definitely a Giant Monster week.  it's mostly a Toho movie of the week, except for the Gamera movie (they almost had to air that one, didn't they?).  I wish I could have opened the TV Guide to see this line up of movies when I was a kid.  I also hope I would have saved it as well.
man, what another great line up.  all those movies, are winners, though I would be able to skip the Gamera movie, as it's the dullest of the bunch, even in the AIP version.  it moves along OK, but with over 30 minutes of commercials...

I wonder if they had on air promos and introductions for these movies as well.  those would be cool to see.

I've recently discovered a Gamera movie week as well, though where my masters went I have no idea.  I am sure they are in a file somewhere. I'll see if I can find them, so I can post better quality scans of the pages. 

I also remember that in a few weeks, they showed hour long monster weeks, with the movies being cut in half and shown consecutive days.  I was always curious about this, but it seemed to be at the tail end of the cycle in the 80s.

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