Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JLA: War World

Superman and Jonn get caught in a large explosion in space, and then disappear.  they have been captured by Mongul's men to provide sport on the titular War World.

this is where Hawkgirl and GL begin their relationship.  the voice acting here really shows a chemsitry between the two characters.  it was pretty obvious with their constant squabbling that they liked each other.  even at this early stage!
Draaga here is Mongul's champion.  he sounds a lot like Ben Grimm to me... didn't the FF do a very similar story once?  involving Skrulls that talked like gangsters?  Draga is an honorable person, but has to grow up a bit.
I'm no fan of Mongul.  something about the character rubs me the wrong way, always has, at least in this incarnation.  at least here he gets his well deserved comeuppance at the end of the story.
lots more bickering here.  it's a cool effect, and in one of the commentaries they talk about GL not doing "constructs" (i.e. fists or hammers) with his ring.  guess they couldn't stop from using a bubble for space.  wonder where they get their breathable air?
a good story with the resident illegal aliens.  was it ever established how J'onn got to Earth here?  I don't recall.  oh wait, maybe in the first story.
Mongul and Superman fight.  I'm no fan of the insanely strong heroes, as it makes them far less human.  doesn't matter who it is.  this is a good fight, and they have at this point kept Superman a bit more depowered like he was in his solo show.

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