Saturday, November 5, 2011

Megloman redux

 I am going to start re-writing my original Meglaman article that I talked about here.  I re-read it out of Oriental Cinema #16 (ostensibly the Jet Li issue, but everyone really wanted a Megaloman article, I just know it).  this was actually the 30th issue of Oriental Cinema, one of the biggest influences on my writing career.

helped out immeasurably by both Christopher Elam and Damon Foster the episode guide is pretty good.  hard to believe we did all that over 12 years ago, when all we had were grainy VHS tapes of Megaloman in Italian- so they were also transferred from the PAL system.

mostly I want to update the writing and include episode #16, which was missing at the time.  watching the show in Japanese and with pristine VQ is really like watching a brand new show.  I do wish fansubbers would do this one, as it's a lot of fun in and of itself.

where the heck did 12 years go?

I am redoing it mostly so I can have it ready to publish, if anyone ever wants to again, or to have it ready for a new issue of Xenorama.

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