Friday, November 4, 2011

The Monitors (1969)

occasionally the TV Guide would be completely wrong about a movie in their descriptive blurbs.  this movie was labeled "sci-fi" or something akin to that, when it should have been satire. 

my brother and I stayed up late to watch it.  we had no idea what it was about and it went on for two hours.  the only thing I remembered about it was endless car scenes shot from the air, Avery Schreiber and the damn song sung about "the monitors"...

I never thought I'd see it again.  and then it shows up on netflix streaming.  so now I know far more about the movie than I ever wanted- such as it being adapted from the novel of the same name by Keith Laumer.  after watching it again I am not sure just who the Monitors are supposed to represent: the hippies who want everything to be peace and happiness, or the "establishment" who want everything controlled and in the perfect order.

I like the parody parts, but the "action" parts are still dull.  the cameos are fun and the cast is good, it's just too long and too all over the place.   and some of the songs are just too... well, sounding like they are from 1969.  I also think it's cool SCTV made the movie.

am I think only person who really doesn't care for car chase sequences?

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