Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the mysterious 800!

the last two days I've had over 800 views of this blog.  sure, some of those have been mine, but not that many.  and I haven't even mentioned Batman, Superman or Naomi Morinaga naked to do so (sorry Chris, couldn't resist)!

for the life of me, I can't figure out why all the sudden interest.  nothing new or different has been added to the blog.

it's kind of cool. I mean, the last time this happened was around Xmas time when I wrote one I titled "Jangle Bombs" and it featured a clip of the Joker singing a common Xmas anthem.

this one worried me a bit, since obviously I wasn't talking about bombs, and had adapted a Xmas story name from years ago (anyone wanna take a guess at what the story was called and who it featured?).

it also happened when I mentioned Marine Boy once, when some movie about a Korean swimmer or diver called that was made.  so that I can understand. 

still, it's all fun right now.  let's see if it continues for the next day or two.  I'm sure whoever is reading it must be learning something.

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