Sunday, November 13, 2011

Neos 1. Neos Nativity

Ultraman Neos was a 12 episode direct to video series.  it was originally slated to be a TV series, but for some reason we got this instead.

it's reasonably fun, and pretty standard, though I am not sure about how Neos and his human host have combined.

but there's some cool shots in here, such as this one.  and lots more miniature ships, instead of the CG versions we see all the time now.
it's almost Johnny Sokko here!  this is Genki Kagura, our hero, who is about to tackle the monster from the air.
this is Ultra Seven 21 telling Genki Kagura that he has another being inside him, and that he can battle monsters that way.
Neos is born, in a very familiar fashion, huh.  in typical fashion as well, HEART doesn't recognize him as an Ultra, so he is fired upon until he rescues some people.
here he zaps the monster with his version of the Spacium beam.  I like the show, and I was glad to see a new Ultra show back then that apparently had some ties with the original series.  however, despite Zoffy showing up, it's another separate universe.

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