Sunday, November 20, 2011

The New Adventures of Zorro (1981 TV series)

I watched all 13 episodes of this series when it was originally broadcast in 1981.  I remembered almost nothing about it, other than no one ever got stabbed in a sword fight.

however, it's a pretty good series, easily as good as Tarzan or the Lone Ranger (Tarzan is tops, I don't remember enough about the Ranger to say for sure).

it's quite action packed.  aside from sword play, there's cannons and several well placed boots.  obviously a lot of the shots are rotoscoped, and the series is not meant to be watched in one sitting, as you can tell when they reuse certain scenes.  they wisely chose to show Zorro fencing from the chest up, and then could cut the same shot in with whoever his enemy was that week.

I'm surprised that it only lasted 13 episodes.  Henry Darrow was the first Latino to actually portray the masked hero.

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