Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shadow of the Bat!

this episode starts with Batman and Robin in the jungle battling Catwoman and her black leopard Hecate (pronounced correctly here).  I am actually sparing you the overt silliness of of seeing our heroes in their jungle costumes.   you will just have to trust me on this one.

not a huge fan of gorillas, but this does look really cool.  this is what the Planet of the Apes franchise has always been missing: Bat-Ape.  but who's side would he be on in those movies?  sadly, the world may never know.
Jason Blood and Batman battle the vampire Dala.  Blood does transform to Etrigan.  I like the character, but for the life of me can't figure out his apparent popularity.  perhaps he's just easy to animate?  I'd rather see Blue Devil.  especially from his original run, he would fit right in with this Batman.
 guess who suffers from a vampire bite?  finally he is a real bat man!  he starts his vampiric career by putting the bite on the Black Mask and Alfred Pennyworth.
he decides he's really hungry, so he tells the JLI to meet him in the satellite.  this leads to many comedic moments, such as Aquaman reading his own comic.
I love Jonn's cookie eating.  I wish we had seen this in the JLA cartoon.  it's probably a licensing thing to actually use Oreos, and Jonn wouldn't eat Hydrox or Tuxedos, I am sure.
a very atmospheric entrance for our hero.  or is he the villain now?  and sadly, while he invites them to eat, he doesn't get to use one of the most well known lines from vampire movies.
poor fire gets clobbered here.  Etrigan shows up again to help Jonn defeat Batman... or does he?  the ending makes us think all of it's a dream from the bite, and Batman believes he was never in any danger.

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