Friday, November 18, 2011

Southern Knights #9

"Critical Mass"

Mark Dagon gets a sci-fi novel published.  David gets his cast off from his accident, and has some rehab to do do.  that's a nice touch, for sure. Connie also duels Mark and loses, since he has over 1,000 years experience.  we learn Mark was a Musketeer in the past.

Viper guys Jim and Flint are worried about Serpent and plan to do something about Dragon after their Savannah job.

the Savannah job is using the power suits David designed to steal plutonium.  there are ten of the suits out there now, which means our heroes have their work cut out for themselves.

we end on a cliffhanger, which puts Electrode in dire straights...

lots of good action and plenty of humor and characterization in this issue.  the writing is improving a lot as well, the lines are rarely as clunky as they were in the first 6 issues.  Aramis is chafing to go into action, but they won't let him since he is still a minor and they don't want to endanger him.

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