Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Out for Vengeance!

one of the 12 surviving parts of Equinox is eliminating all the Batmen of the past, present and future.  it's up to the JLI and Rip Hunter, Time Master, to foil his evil plans.

so there's loads of time travel involved, and Ice has the best advice to Fire, who's brain hurts trying to figure it out.  here we have Cave Batman, who rides a mastodon and looks suspiciously like Mightor.  he wants Ice to be his mate.
then we have Pirate Batman.  well, he's not a pirate per se, since he avenges wrongs on the sea, but the trappings are all there.
here's a cool sea monster that shows up to menace our heroes.  I think it might be mostly sea weed, since it disappears quickly.
Booster and Beetle help save the day- weird to see the Blue and Gold team up, though in a way it makes sense.  Booster is also not a fan of Mr. Hunter.  who by the way, does nothing but travel around in his time sphere.  of course, his character has been pretty much destroyed in the years post - Crisis, but that's par for the course.
here's our second to last Batman- Roman Batman or something like that.  once all these heroes are saved, they travel to the future to save Robot Batman and defeat one aspect of Equinox, while being warned there are 11 more of them out there.  alas, the season and series will end in a few episodes so we are all probably doomed.

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