Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ultraman 18: Brother from Another Planet

a strange radioactive mist drops on Tokyo.  the Science Patrol springs into action!  except for Fuji, of course.  shortly after, the Alien Zarab shows up and makes it disperse.  this makes him a hero in the eyes of many. 
interestingly enough, this episode was broadcast almost 45 years ago to the day!

not that I would be in a great mood if I had taken a shot from the Spider Shot right there, but one can pretty much figure out Zarab is up to no good by how easily he makes the radioactive fog go away.
here he makes his case as a brother from another planet.  he wants peace for the Earth, which means he takes over and everyone is at peace.
Zarab assumes the form of Ultraman- the first imitation Ultra ever!  why people couldn't see that it wasn't our hero is completely beyond me!  one of the problems I have with this story is the implication that people just turned on Ultraman right away.  I guess if he starts destroying the city for no apparent reason, perhaps it's a little more understandable.
Hayata has been captured, but somehow Hoshino's tears make his bonds break.  using the Beta Capsule, Hayata becomes the real Ultraman and we have a battle of giants.  this is a good fight scene.
naturally Ultraman vanquishes his evil doppleganger, who turns back into Zarab before being destroyed.  he doesn't show up again until Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers and later in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey. I detail that account here.

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