Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood

after I started watching this movie on netflix, I realized I had watched it when it originally aired.  and hadn't remembered it at all.  ever notice how any movie with "zany" or "crazy" or "goofy" or even  "quirky" in the title is usually none of the above?

it's intermittently funny, with a good cast.  but it runs rather thin it it's 95 minute time, it would have been better at 70 or so.

I was surprised to see so many familiar British names here- Roddy McDowall as Prince John doing a fair imitation of Claude Rains here.  equally surprising was seeing Tom Baker as Sir Guy of Gisbourne
as well.  he's really quite a good actor, and almost as menacing as Basil Rathbone.  but they are kind of wasted here, since George Segal as Robin Hood is no Errol Flynn.

like I said, the comedy is hit and miss, which is rather common with parodies of this type.  though I haven't seen it in years, When Things Were Rotten was the funniest of the ones about Robin Hood.  barring Daffy and Bugs' versions (Rabbit Hood and Robin Hood Daffy), of course.

though I'd rather watch this spoof than Kevin Costner's version any day.

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