Monday, December 19, 2011

Godzilla and Rodan vs Ghidrah

the first battle from the great movie "Monster Zero". the first and so far only time Godzilla and Rodan have been taken off planet to battle the three headed monster Ghidorah. I missed this movie the first time it aired on Channel 2, as I didn't know it was a Godzilla movie. I was a sad kid the next day at school, though none of my friends bothered to tell me exactly who Monster Zero was, though they did tell me who was in the movie.

that means the monsters in the movie, not the human actors. who cared about them at age 8? so when it finally re-aired later, I was ready. this was a Tuesday night and the movie started at 8 PM. I really enjoyed the movie, but do remember wondering when the monster action would start happening. I was a bit disappointed that it was almost all contained in the final minutes of the movie. by the way, none of my friends ever wondered who won this final battle- hint: it wasn't the the monster with three heads.

now I like it a lot more, and am glad Toho went the way they did with this movie.

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