Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gorgo appears

this is baby Gorgo as he appears from the Irish Sea and battles some of the fishermen. it's a good scene, full of suspense- what would be the worst thing to see coming out of the water on a foggy night? yep, a real live sea monster. this is the first Western monster movie where the creature gets to survive at the end of the movie, returning with it's small offspring to live peacefully under the sea. of course, the comic books that continued the story had the family get in all sorts of adventures, but sadly the movie isn't as exciting as that.

Mothra, made the same year in Japan (and a much better movie overall) also has the monster live as well. six years later Monster from a Prehistoric Planet had a similar themed movie, but the producers denied knowing about this movie.

Gorgo (1961) gets a lot of praise from many monster movie fans, some rather snobbishly saying it's got effects equal to or better than it's Japanese counterparts. which is ridiculous. the effects are good, but the suit- while good looking- is stiff and clunky, with over-sized hands that aren't very versatile for anything. the use of the full size prop at the beginning to smash the boat looks great.

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