Sunday, December 11, 2011


I unashamedly love this movie. I'm not blind to it's various faults, but it is really a movie made by an entire country, and how many monster movies can actually make that claim? not many, I'll warrant.

part of this love comes from having watched it for the first time at about age 9, staying up late to see a giant monster movie. it aired quite frequently on KWGN Channel 2, usually very late. having to turn the telly volume down so you wouldn't wake anyone was fun, in a strange way. one of the things I like about the movie is you do get a lot of monster action. and Reptilicus has an interesting design, as well as it's regenerative ability (years before Wolverine or Godzilla claimed it). it's also interesting to note this scene has the added green acid spit, which is more obvious when you know it wasn't there in the first place.


Don Moore said...

I saw this when I was nine as well, but it was at the drive in (with King Kong). Even though I only saw it once, it was completely embedded in my mind. It always fascinated me that they took him out with a missile full of dope.

Which country was this film made in?

Xenorama said...

it's from Denmark, and the entire country literally helped make the movie at the time. that's one of the coolest things about it.